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Why Choose Monaris Hair Studio?

Today due to various individual and combined reasons people are increasingly facing problems like Hair Fall, Anagrow, Anacover, Baldness, Dandruff and Premature Greying. Monaris Hair Studio located in the upscale locality of Defence Colony in New Delhi has come up with solutions to all your hair related problems. Awarded the best hair transplant in USA and India Alvi Armani is state of the art hair transplant procedure is available at our studio. The procedures are 100% risk free and assure garunteed results under the guidance of Dr. Arihant Surana our team of experts have achived new heights in Hair transplant procedures

Apart from Hair Transplant procedure the studio offers Hair Replacement under the guidance of Ms. Monika Negi who is hair replacement expert trained in the US. The studio specializes in providing high definition hair lines, which is done under supervision of expert dermatologists.

If you are looking for customized solutions, Monaris Hair Studio has state of the art facilities and team of experts who can guide you through the whole procedure.  Do not procrastinate and book an apponitnment with our experts today and get great results.


Monaris offers world-class cosmetic dermatology, skin maintenance and restoration treatments, weight management programs and anti-ageing treatments using the latest innovations.

Welcome to our state-of-the-art hair transplant and restoration facility dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss using the most advanced technologies. Book an appointment now to get an assessment of your hair and the best possible treatment options.

At New Hair Studio, we’re all about giving you that perfect hair make-over. We do hair extensions and hair replacements for men, women and children using the most advanced techniques!

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