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Hair system/Hair wigs/Hair Replacement in Delhi

Its common now and very well acceptable to wear a wig or hair system in delhi.With the arrival of high quality, undetectable, natural and safe hair replacement option monaris hair studio has become a hub for hair replacement in India.People from all over India are looking for high quality hair system are calling our experts  to understand  the types of hair wigs and systems, their cost, and how to use them.Hair replacement at monaris hair studio is done in state of the art set up with team of dermatologist,Senior hair replacement expert, and experienced Hair dresser.

Where most of the places for hair replacement in delhi are usually barber shop or inexperienced people running the business.None of them have experienced team to run the set up.

Role of Dermatologist in Hair replacement

Dermatologist are skin experts.At monaris the first step is to meet our dermatologist for the evaluation of actual need.Are you the right candidate for hair replacement or you should do hair transplant or should do nothing at all.Its also evaluated which type of hair replacement is suited for you.It should be Glue based, clip based, or tape based.Type of hair replacement will also depend on the scalp skin.A sensitive scalp will have different base of the hair system then normal scalp.Scalp without complete hair loss will have different base compared to scalp with extensive hair loss.

Dermatologist are also required to rule out any allergy related to glues and tapes.In case of any allergy they help in treating the scalp.

In case of cancer patients looking for wigs dermatologist help to evaluate at what stage a wig should be worn and  when and how it can be gradually removed.Most of the cancer patient grows hair back few months after chemotherapy. Specific care has to be taken for gradual transition needed in these patients.

Role of Hair Replacement expert

Our Hair replacement expert is with 20 years of experience and have worked with almost all national and international companies in India and Dubai. She is probably the your best friend and guide and will help you in choosing the right hair system or wig so that you look your best.She will show you different bases, different colors and pattern which matches your existing hair.Its important that your hair system should of appropriate size and shape to fix on your scalp.The hairs should be 100% human manageable. If your system does not fix well you won’t be able to wear it.It can hurt you and you may also loose some of the existing hair which are there in periphery.

Spending more time with the hair replacement expert is the best way to decide whats the best hair system for you.

Role of Hair Dresser 

Once the consultations are over you move to the hair replacement studio where your hair system/wig will be fixed.Its not only the best quality hair replacement you get at monaris but also the fixing has to be adequate.The hair systems are cut designed to suit your style.Its merged with your existing hair to make it look as its your own hair.If needed hair color is done to ensure that hair system is exactly the same as your own hair.Since 100% human hair is used it can be easily colored.

So just call us now to get more details about whats the best for you.We can always be reached at 9818-642-643

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